Going back home

Well it’s getting closer and closer by the minute. I’m catching a flight home on thursday to where I was spawned. I’m actually looking forward to it, not that I will see many friends and such, but just getting home and relax some. I will however have to study a lot due to the fact that I need to pass an exam in january.

Also I’m hoping that my brother has his prebooked Wii there so I can play and test it out. If it’s as good as the reports say this will be a must have console. Actually I’m more interested in the feature that you can buy old NES/SNES/N64 games and still play GC games on it.

Also I was inspired today to do some JavaScript coding. I have to learn some more JavaScript and not only that which gets me by. It’s really helpful to know, and then one could mosy over to AJAX. But that’s for another day!!!

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Killing spree

Somehow every source code that I have looked at lately is either totally crap in coding standards, or has some major problems with running without filling the logs!! If I find out who wrote the code, I will kill him/her/it!!

Now that it has been vented, we can move along with other things. School is almost over for this year, just a few assignments to correct and I can “relax” for the holidays. By relaxing I mean that I will be studying the integral parts of metal casting and non ferrous metallurgy. Which I actually like!!! I can feel my master thesis closing in on me.

Other then that, I’m coding,coding,coding to hopefully have a completely rewritten codebase for a special project that doesn’t fill my webserver logs, as it currently does.

Also I created a logo for this site, unfortunately the current template doesn’t allow for a top logo, but that will have to change…

New site logo

New system, new lessons

Finally!!! I have my domain name (www.cargobay.se) that I have wanted for some time now. I bought it a Saturday morning, when nobody was watching.

I have fallen for the mighty WordPress blogging system. It does the two main things I want. That is a simple integration of gallery2, and posting news. I chose my theme early and I like it a lot. For now there is just some pictures, but I have to wade through all the pictures that I have and upload them. That’s what I like about gallery2, the javabased Remote Gallery software that makes life so easy when adding a massive amount of photos to your gallery.

Well lets see if I can keep this blogg updated more than before

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