The world is turned upside down

ok. First of all. I’m happy but still confused. One of the most difficult courses in my education, and this happens. I get a grade of 5 (5 out of 5). The course is Simulation of Mineral processes, and it is exactly as difficult as it sounds. Also this is my first maximum grade ever!!!

So I’m on pink fluffy clouds at the moment. Now it’s just the rest of my education left, but it seems to be getting closer and closer to decide which final essay project I want to do. Oh well. Sleep now, because I need to probably fail another exam tomorrow.

Massive upload to gallery

I have just made a massive upload of pictures to my gallery. And there is still a lot of pictures to go through, but it’s coming. If you feel like it juts browse it, link is at the top.

At the moment my brain is totally messed up, in my studies. I just hate math and this course is half math.

Back in buissness…

Well. Got back to luleå, and there is snow here!!! I have really missed snow. Somehow it makes everything a little more happy.

As always with flights I have been feeling sick since I stepped of the plane, but it’s starting to get better. Damn thing wouldn’t go away, even thou I used every weapon in my arsenal.

For now it’s studytime (some of the time at least). Got an exam in 7 days and I have to pass. That puts a little bit of pressure on me, but it’s just to fight through it. I did however have time to do some shopping yesterday for christmas stuff on sale, and found quite a lot but nothing I liked… Oh well, next year, same procedure.

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So.. how can we fuck this up?

The new year is a total 11 hours old by now, and my main question is: what will go wrong this year?!?!

A little pessimistic, but over the last 3 years I have developed a more pessimistic view of life. Somehow the last three years have all been one major break/good thing and one major bad thing. They somehow always come in pairs… So I’m trying to figure out what could possibly go bad/wrong this year. The main theme of the last three years bad things have somehow all involved women and girlfriends, so as a base of 2007 I’m going to try to avoid that…

Soon I’ll be leaving Skåne for the cold(er) weather in Luleå. I do miss Luleå and my “own” apartment. So until then, live safe!

Christmas is over, new year’s next!

Well. I survived the three days of christmas this year. Not to much food and a successful  christmas day. Have been taking some photos, but last night I was doing some night shots and the battery dies!! This was kinda a letdown, but I have more rechargeable batteries, however they were at home. Will upload once I can power up my camera again.

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Home, somewhat sweet home

Well. It seems that I got out of luleå just in the nick of time.. All flights were delays from mid day the same day as I flew home. It would have been bad if I hadn’t got out by 0600.

One surprise is that SAS has started to serve food again for free. All thou it’s still the same crappy food that gives you a rather upset stomage. I had a perfect song on my mp3 player for the second part of my flight with about 150-thousand upset children: Arrogant Worms – Worst seat on the plane….

I was on a look and see tour yesterday afternoon, to see what the difference is with my home town. And all I can say is: what??? Almost nothing has changed, except that my hometown of Simrishamn has hired some of th most colorblind and high as a kite architectures there is. A few new buildings and some recoloring, and it looks like a bad acid trip. Suddenly I’m glad that I live in a tall building build in the 1970 with gray concrete.

Also our family cat has found my clothes to be an excellent place to sleep, so there is cat hair everywhere!! Remind me again why I moved….. Picture of the cat is forthcoming….

Going back home

Well it’s getting closer and closer by the minute. I’m catching a flight home on thursday to where I was spawned. I’m actually looking forward to it, not that I will see many friends and such, but just getting home and relax some. I will however have to study a lot due to the fact that I need to pass an exam in january.

Also I’m hoping that my brother has his prebooked Wii there so I can play and test it out. If it’s as good as the reports say this will be a must have console. Actually I’m more interested in the feature that you can buy old NES/SNES/N64 games and still play GC games on it.

Also I was inspired today to do some JavaScript coding. I have to learn some more JavaScript and not only that which gets me by. It’s really helpful to know, and then one could mosy over to AJAX. But that’s for another day!!!

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