Someone’s mad at me…

…and that someone is my stomage…

Had a good day planned, some light reading, the gym, calm lunch, relaxing at the lab(it’s currently a rather easy lab), come home and eat a nice dinner and go to sleep. Well “the plan” was fucked up right after the gym. Got my timetable all fucked up by lunch.

At 13:05 my college while doing the labs calls me and says that I have a group at the lab waiting for me. After some confusion it was determined that it was my fault, that I had booked the lab time from 14:45 in my calendar, but the real time it started was 13:00. To make things worse (this is why the day got fucked up), I had just come home from a 2 hour workout at the gym and was quite hungry. I got the call about 5 seconds before I put the chicken in the pan, and pored preboild water onto the rice. Every thing was nice and hot, and I have to stop because of this. Nothing to be done just throw on the old workclothes and run to the lab, hungry as a hyena.

Started the lab, and got when we got a few minutes of I ran to the coffee mashine and got some black coffee. This turned down my hunger for the moment, but just untill I could manage to get home and almost swallow a banana whole.

Got some food (the prep work from my nonexistent lunch was still in the fridge), reboiled the water and put some heat on the skillet, and my lunner (lunch + dinner) was ready 30 minutes later. Now the coffee is making it’s way in all directions in my body and I spend the next 1 hour running to the bathroom.

So by the time I’m writing this, I’m kinda miffed. A well planned day all gone to waste!

Got a lecture at 08 tomorrow, so now it’s time for bed. Hopefully nothing will happen between now and lunch tomorrow to screw that day up…

Full docket today.

Well, today is a full docket with tasks to perform. There is the gym, the return of corrected lab reports, another 4 hours at the lab, and some notes for my math lecture on friday morning that has to be processed.

One thing today, is that I will be taking my camera with me to the lab so in case there is a “Kodak” moment, it will be caught on “film” (it’s a digital camera, what other word would you use???)

Soon it’s time for exams(3 weeks) and I have to start to get my act together. This weekend will be spend doing math and other math like tasks.

Also, I hate mornings. (no facts, just a declaration)

What good is a camera…

Found myself to have that kind of an strange day. First of all, I went to bed at 03:30 on Wensday morning (about 24 hours ago…), and woke up at 08:00 totally ready for a new day. So as usual it’s the morning news of the web, although  I need to find some better news to read except for the semi tabloids in both real life and in computers. Then I had lunch at 12, and made scones for a “breakfast” at 17 just to fall asleep 10 minutes afterwards. So basicly I had a total backwards day.

Other things I have done today. Well correcting lab reports and sitting around thinking about how something that’s 100 % magnetite can become 85% magnetite and 15% “nothing”. Sometimes I’m amazed how people don’t check and recheck their numbers, but one should not throw stones in glass buildings. I have had one or two of these “brain fart” calculations before (1+1=3) on many occasions. Well tonight I’m done with all but one, and that one needs to be corrected before bedtime.

Also today I “remembered” that number of photos I take with my camera is rather low, and this have to change. Somehow I have to bring it with me more, but that’s not easy for me as I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached.

So there is problems with wordpress…

Let this be a lesson to you all. I made an instinctive upgrade from WordPress 2.07 to 2.1, and since then I have experienced nothing but trouble with the integration with Gallery2 in this installation. Finally managed to work around it with replacing some new files with the old. It seems to be working for now…

So I haven’t posted anything in this category (for what should be my main category…), and this need to change. This will primarily be a picture post, so bare with me *smile*

Yesterday I took some pictures of the snow sculptures that were made last week for the winter festival arranged by StiL (student athletic organisation) here at the university, and they usually stay whole about one week. This mostly due to the fact of unsupervised 14-15 year old brat, who have nothing better to do than to destroy these things. So in a effort to save them I took pictures of them all. Some had already been destroyed, but not much. So here is a “monster” of snow

Spöke i närbild

Click to visit the album…

Also there are some updates to the gallery?

Damnit, you bad documentation!!!

I’m a bit upset… just a teensy weensy bit upset.

Why is there that there can’t be any good documentation for that a tracker should respond and in exactly what format. Have been going nuts these last hours, so I finally started to sniff the network traffic going in and out of my computer. All this work, but atleast now I know how a “normal” response from a tracker should look like. For those interested here is the layout

'interval' => 1800, // announce interval in seconds
'peers' => array(
'ip' => '', // the IP of a peer
'peer id' => '-UT1610-....................', // the peer id (torrent program generates this, . = random value)
'port' => 12345 // the port this peer is listening to
'ip' => '',
'peer id' => '-AZ2500-....................',
'port' => 54321

Now that wasn’t so hard, WAS IT????

(and then you of course bencode it to a single string…)

So here I am…

Sorry that I didn’t post as I should have, but a update to a plugin in wordpress late last night didn’t go very well, and I was unable to post (javascript errors…). Now that’s fixed and I’m happy to do some more posting.

As of this post, I’m removing the “posting with password” as it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. In a day or two I will post some screen shots from the dev site on the forum(Allience), with explanations to what is new and might be confusing…

As stated the RSS feed is done, download script with security created for both browser download and RSS download (though RSS download hasn’t been tested just yet….)

I had to design the peers database yesterday on a whim, which I didn’t want to do just then as I want to study the BT protocol. So it’s a simple transfer from RARPv1 to RARPv2.

So the items that are left to do:

  • announce/scrape script
  • Reverify the peers database
  • Build a peer_id database (with the clients,version numbers and whatnot’s)
  • Extend the “view” part to include viewing the files,nfo and peers
  • Testing all RSS feeds
  • create porting scripts

So to sum up what’s new in v2

  • RSS feed for filtered and unfiltered downloads or view links
  • Nuke capability. A owner,administrator or siteop can mark a torrent for deletion (nuke) if there is a proper or double post. It will then be deleted through a cronscript after at least beeing nuked for 24 hours. This way it can be replied to torrent software that this is about to be deleted and not make the software stand with the error: torrent not registered
  • Two view’s of the listings. One with category images and one without
  • Brand spanking new category system and filter creations

With this the weekend of coding is over, and were back to normal coding (after work etc…)

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