Lite hånande

Fick se något idag som gjorde att jag fnissade till ordentligt på kontoret. Det är (eller var, då IMDB tagit bort det nu) ett inlägg från brian__007 om LOTR, The Hobbit och Tolkien att dessa plagierat från Harry Potter böckerna. Det sparade finns här på Google+, eller för lättheten (och att det inte skall försvinna) har jag klipp in det nedan.

“Overall, I like “Lord of the Rings.” However, I do feel that Tolkien kind of rips off “Harry Potter” in many ways. There are several parallels, such as elves, dwarfs, wizards, goblins, trolls, magic (especially invisibility), etc. Sauron is referred to as “Dark Lord” just like Voldemort is. There is also the elder white-haired bearded wizard who serves almost as a mentor, Gandalf, who is reminiscent of Dumbledore. Some of the character names are similar, such as Wormtongue as opposed to Wormtail, too. There is even a gigantic spider (Shelob) at the end of “The Two Towers” that reminds one of Aragog from “Chamber of Secrets.” I even noticed that the plots of both series begin with the protagonists’ birthday. Now I see that Tolkien, this unoriginal bastard, is coming out with “The Hobbit” in December. This would be fine, but why didn’t he just write this book first to begin with? I still like “Lord of the Rings,” though–don’t get me wrong–but I wonder if Tolkien has ever said in interviews whether he borrowed elements from Harry Potter. I’ll be watching the extended DVDs later this week and I think he’s featured on the commentary track, so I look forward to that.”