Construction in progress

Updates might be a bit sporadic in the foreasble future, as I’m currently in the process of replacing the server that runs this blog(and everything else on my domain). There will be some rather large changes done to the layout of my domain too, but exactly how I haven’t decided yet. What I’m thinking about right now is the following:

  • My gallery will move from an integrated part of my blog to a subdomain (
  • The blog will probably move to a subdomain (
  • The main site will become a full CMS to handle projects and such that I’m involved in.

But these things are just thought at the moment.

In other news, I’m gearing up for and exam on friday, that I have to pass so blog updates will essentially cease untill then. On Saturday it’s Kaptensbalen and I will attend this function with one of my best friends, Ms.E, from the greater metropolitan area of Eksjö. The plan is to be seriously hangover on sunday evening.