Planning ahead

I visited elgiganten yesterday just for the hell of it and ogled a new flat screen TV or two(or three.. or four……). This was the start of the road to destruction. When I got home I started to think about all the other things that I wanted to replace. A new office chair, two new screens for my computer(giving me a total of four screens), the whiteboard that I wanted for notes and so on. Somewhere along those thoughts I started to plan all the things that I wanted, but in no uncertain terms would buy now. But there’s still the Höööver….. argument. These included a projector, a fully automated theater system, a new stove and so on. Things would never stop flowing into my mind, and I went just a little bananas. But in all I decided that I want a new TV. So if anyone reading this blog (and in the neighborhood of Luleå) is looking for a new TV, I have one in excellent condition that I’m looking to unload.

On the gaming front I have almost completed Super Mario Galaxy having to this date collected 90 (out of the total 100, I think) stars, but these last 10 stars are hard. I haven’t actually finished the game yet, as when the final boss galaxy appeared I was only halfway through the other galaxies. I do however have a feeling that this game will be put on the completed shelf in just a few days. Then it’s time to start thinking about my next purchase. It’s either going to be Guitar Hero 3 or Mario Kart that has just been released. Time will tell(and my will have to decide…)

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    • Mike on April 22, 2008 at 07:06

    Det är trevligt att ut och shoppa efter prylar. En ny Tv vore absolut inte fel alls, men den ska kunna få plats oxå och det är lite värre…

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