I’m an actor.

One could take a look at that statement and think that I’m full of it.. which I usually am for those that know me well. Yesterday was quite a productive and fun day. I had my first of two days with the performance group Scratch here in Luleå, about body language and what we look like and why we do some of the things we do. The essential lessons were: smile, and accept that in Sweden we are about 100 years behind the social development of the rest of Europe. It was quite fun as it wasn’t primarily a do this, hands here, walk like this type of course but more of an understanding of what we do and how we react to body language has absolutely nothing to do with our conscious minds, but that we are programmed to respond to certain body language/signals. Some of these can’t be helped, as men are “bred” to be hunters and in essence genetic waste material once we have impregnated a woman, and women are “bred” to bear children and do the “housework”. Also the only things that we listen to each other for and instantly react to are: sex, food and danger. So no surprise there either.

Also, a semi scientific study done in London a few days ago showed that women are four times more likely to share her “password”(for her computer, bank etc) than a man for a chocolate bar. 46% of the asked women coughed up their passwords in contrast with 10% of men. So get two women together and dangle a chocolate bar in front of them and one will spill the beans. This just confirms a well know “weakness” of women… Chocolate, womens kryptonite!

Proof/Source: The Register