In the belly of the beast.

This day has mostly been spent looking at multiple lines of code. Some cleanup, some newly written but mostly just under a haze in the general perception “Confusious says:” mindset. Once could think that the about 200 lines of code that I have written today was somehow a quick thing to do, after all, how long could it take to write 200 lines? More time than you think… Mostly this day has revolved around how a proper email address should look like, and what restrictions there has to be. As good as the RFC’s(Request For Comment) are in this matter, they are still bloody boring to read.

In between these RFC’s when things just was to boring, I turned to do some more simulation in COMSOL. Today’s battle was to get a system working that used water as a liquid and not air or steam that I have used before. However it was a total bust. Damn this program and the lack of tutorials that explain what everything is.