Bad choices and strange emails

So I made a couple of bad choices today. The first one was getting up this morning, but that can’t be helped. The weather is chaining to fast for my body to adapt, and that combined with the bad air in my office puts me in a deep sleep after sitting there for 3-4 hours. Have you ever had that feeling that you should have stayed in bed. Second bad choice of the day was lunch. Feeling that I wanted to visit Brodies for some time now for lunch, I decided that today was that day. The lunch now cost 69 SEK including the drink but it’s a large increase for a lunch and they have removed the two most wanted items on the list of available. So todays lunch was an overpriced kebab roll. Wonder if the massive amount of 5 people having lunch during rush hour at Brodies was a testament to they having the most expensive lunch “on campus” and the worst food of all the restaurants. So that ends an era for me, as both Centrum and Mike’s have cheaper and better food those will be my choice of lunch restaurants when I haven’t brought any with me.

One could call it strange but BONUS Presskopia, who are in charge of “policing” all copyright and allowed copying within educational institutions, has sent an email to LTU that they are having an inproptu raid at LTU on the 22:nd of April. So we are encouraged to clear our offices of any material that might be a violation of this agreement before the raid. I’m going to skip the part about a raid being scheduled and announced to the target of the raid, and head straight to the nitty gritty. IF you have material that’s in violation of this agreement and have used it for some time, you have already broken “the law”. Isn’t disposing of the “evidence” then a secondary crime? Like what the shady corporate bosses do in the movies with huge paper shredders. This might just be me, but WHAT THE FRACK?!?!? Evendently LTU has been caught before with our hand in the proverbial cookie jar, and from central governing they seem to think that if we get cough a second time we wont be able to slide off with a warning and a promise to improve.

So I leave you now with the word of Rob Paravonian: The world is going to hell, and we are just clapping along…