Summer is done.

I got the news that I wanted two days ago. My project has been prolonged over the entire summer and the following employment at LTU as a PhD student was agreed upon. So now it’s just all these damn exams left that I have to pass, that reached the number of 7. By Monday I do hope that this is down to 6 and my May is down to 5. There are a few really old ones, the major being the Classical mechanics exam that I took this semester 8 years ago. Time do fly I have to say…

This weekend however I will move between studying for my exam, cleaning my apartment( that’s always an urge one gets when closing in on exams) and watching the Formula 1 from Bahrain. The qualification round today was unbelievable! BMW finally got their first pole position closely followed by a mesh of Ferrari and McLaren cars. Both the Ferraries are on the “dirty” side of the track so tomorrows start will be an interesting one, hopefully without any incidents.

Edit: Also just a few minutes ago I beat Zelda: The Twilight Princess on my Wii. So I have officially beaten all of the massive amount of two games that I own. Next on the list is either Super Mario Galaxy or Guitar Hero 3, however both has to be purchased first.