Major update

Long time since the latest update and a lot has happened since then. One major update to the blog itself has been a software update and I’m currently looking at changing the theme into something that I like a bit more.

Work however has been kind of an roller coaster the last few days, with going from the hugely insane size of the machine into a more normal sized one. Yesterday I finally got it working in it’s most simple form, but that’s still a whole lot of thing that have to be added to the system before the simulation is complete. One big problem here is the fact that I do need some data for the system to get close to the running conditions, and those has to be generated experimentally by LKAB.

Also I recently took another step towards getting rid of the Windows OS on my home computer. One of the things that has a large “hold” on the move was the fact that I needed a IM client. I have used Miranda up until now, and as good it has been there are some serious problems. It is somewhat frequent to crashes and not always cooperative. On my laptop I started to use Pidgin which was previously called Gaim, and although it isn’t as “flashy” as Miranda (or the dreaded ICQ/MSN original clients), it simply works. It does the job and have the settings that you usually want to personalize and as of late it also exists as a windows program. So just a few things left like a good file manager that I like and some other support programs that I currently can’t live without and then it’s bye bye Windows, and that’s probably a good move as I have “experienced” Vista and didn’t find it to my liking.

Pidgin can be found here: