April 2008 archive

Construction in progress

Updates might be a bit sporadic in the foreasble future, as I’m currently in the process of replacing the server that runs this blog(and everything else on my domain). There will be some rather large changes done to the layout of my domain too, but exactly how I haven’t decided yet. What I’m thinking about …

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Inspired by a post done here by MrP, I have gathered a few images of signs that we found in the US of A. Or if I lie all three was found by us.. We saw two and one is appropriate for the general theme. You might be wondering where all my pictures are, and …

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Planning ahead

I visited elgiganten yesterday just for the hell of it and ogled a new flat screen TV or two(or three.. or four……). This was the start of the road to destruction. When I got home I started to think about all the other things that I wanted to replace. A new office chair, two new …

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I’m an actor.

One could take a look at that statement and think that I’m full of it.. which I usually am for those that know me well. Yesterday was quite a productive and fun day. I had my first of two days with the performance group Scratch here in Luleå, about body language and what we look …

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In the belly of the beast.

This day has mostly been spent looking at multiple lines of code. Some cleanup, some newly written but mostly just under a haze in the general perception “Confusious says:” mindset. Once could think that the about 200 lines of code that I have written today was somehow a quick thing to do, after all, how …

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Bad choices and strange emails

So I made a couple of bad choices today. The first one was getting up this morning, but that can’t be helped. The weather is chaining to fast for my body to adapt, and that combined with the bad air in my office puts me in a deep sleep after sitting there for 3-4 hours. …

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If you haven’t already guessed it, The legend of Zelda Movie is an April fools joke that took about 9 months to make. It is the most elaborate April fools joke that I have ever seen, and it’s hard not to see this as an actual movie trailer.

The legend of Zelda Movie!

Just watch this trailer. It’s going to be awesome! [youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=PGR6eeB37cw[/youtube]

The unholy trinity

If I yesterday completed the holy trinity of games, I today got the unholy trinity of comedy. What is this you might wonder? Well the unholy trinity of comedy in my mind are the three Blue Collar Comedy movies that have made a distinctive mark on me. I placed an order about three weeks ago …

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It’s beautiful

The holy trinity of Nintendo, the triforce of legendary games, the games that rule all other games has been gathered in my home. I bought Super Mario Galaxy today and now I have the three games that have only been released on Nintendo platform since the release of the 8bit Nintendo game console. If you …

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