Delusions of grandeur

Yesterday I battled with a simulation for over 2 hours, and do note that no simulation ran longer than 48 seconds, until I finally found what could be the problem. The geometry that I do my work on is an imported piece that has been turned, twisted and generally molested in 4 different programs before being imported. The joy I felt when I finally had my geometry ready and active somehow clouded my judgment, and I just started to run simulations. What I didn’t notice was that the coordinate system was “slightly” out of alignment. A machine that has a 1,2 meter drum and in general is 2 meters long and 3 meters high now was a 130 meter drum, 250 meters long and roughly 400 meters wide and about 200 meters high. And I do wonder why all simulations failed…

All this and not to mention the 5 nuclear facilities that would have been needed just to run the damn thing and some new special steel that could handle the needed power transfer… So one could say I had delusions of grandeur. Wonder if Mesto (the ones who have supplied me with the testing mashine) would be interested in this “new” design.

Last night I also managed to push the last release candidate from development to testing in my CORTEX system(the membership handling part), and with any luck this will be the last RC with a final release next week. Then Ludd will finally have a functional membership system that also tracks payments. Next big task is the support tracker system Eventum that I will have a look at the integration with a LDAP users backend.