For pony!!!

The health has not been at it’s best these last few days, as I think that I got a touch of the flu yesterday. Either that or some case of food poisoning as I spent most of the day “driving the porcelain bus” so to say. In any case I feel that I’m not up to the task of taking an exam tomorrow, so that’s another one failed this year. The “good” thing is that it’s possible to retake it in the re-examination period in the end of April. Tomorrow will be my first day back to work since before the holidays. I do think that this “illness” has something to do with the USA trip, and I have concluded that my body just isn’t built for trans-atlantic travel. So from now on (or for the foreseeable future) vacations will be spent in Sweden.

During the easter break I got to reading a new online comic called Looking for Group, with is a comic that plays out in a mystical land of elf’s, dwarfs and homicidal undead warlocks named Richard. The storyline is insanely brilliant and if you want to get a taste for what it’s like just watch this youTube video/musical.