Life in New York

We landed safely although 30 minutes late, but in a 9 hour flight that’s not to much. But boy did I hate the flight. Crammed in with little to no food and water, but the most annoying things was that I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours the night before the flight. Finally here we rushed to the hotel and then quickly of to eat something, and then on to Madison Square Garden, where we saw the NY Islanders beat the NY Rangers 4 to 3 after one overtime and a shootout in the end. I suppose the game should have been more enjoyable if I just hadn’t been so tired, but even though this small fault with me the game was very fun to watch.

Today we have spent the majority of the day at the American Museum of Natural History which was to huge to take it all in during the time we spent there, but the things that we saw was very nice. We had the ability to see what we would weigh on different celestial body’s, and this is me on a neutron star. That’s right I weigh 3.449 trillion pounds!!!

Now it’s of to sleep and tomorrow I will experience how driving in NYC is…


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    • Mike on March 8, 2008 at 21:10

    Är du verkligen så tung??? Det trodde jag inte riktigt.

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