Here we go!

The luggage is currently being packed and I’m trying to figure out exactly what to bring with me. It shift from brining nothing and stocking up on site in NY on cloths, to bringing my entire apartment(though leaving my router for S&P to use, but everything else… But now I have at leased packed a normal amount of clothes and not more that what I need…. I do hope…. I will try to keep the blog updated regularly with pictures and information, however as my Tuesday will approximately be 36 hours long, do not expect an update until Wednesday evening (and that would probably be in the middle of the night for you).

Also, a somewhat weird thing also happened today… As I was spending the 1,5 hours at work (yeah, don’t you just love the ability of totally flexible hours) and printing some documents for the trip, I glanced at my backpack and saw something shiny inside. It was a cucumber! My first thought was “What the hell…” and then I remembered! I use this exact backpack for my grocery shopping and last Saturday(the 23rd) I had some friends over to play board games and we had taco’s for dinner. I bought that cucumber for that reason, but evidently forgot to unpack it. However none seemed to be missing it during the dinner, but still…. what the hell! Luckily I found it now, and not when going through customs in the US. I just can imagine that conversation…

US Customs: what is this?

Me: A cucumber….

US Customs: why do you bring a cucumber to the US?

Me: I don’t know…….. you want it?

US Customs: please follow these armed guards to your private air plane. They will take you somewhere warm…. in the Cuba area….