March 2008 archive

I’ve got drugs!!!

Finally!!! A somewhat inconspicuous brown paper bag came with the mail today, addressed somewhat cryptically to me… It was the drugs that I ordered about 5 days ago from far far away, kinda. I today received the tea that I ordered from T-Magasinet in Skellefteå. It was 500g of their Skellefteblandning, that I totally fell …

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Delusions of grandeur

Yesterday I battled with a simulation for over 2 hours, and do note that no simulation ran longer than 48 seconds, until I finally found what could be the problem. The geometry that I do my work on is an imported piece that has been turned, twisted and generally molested in 4 different programs before …

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For pony!!!

The health has not been at it’s best these last few days, as I think that I got a touch of the flu yesterday. Either that or some case of food poisoning as I spent most of the day “driving the porcelain bus” so to say. In any case I feel that I’m not up …

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Got a bit nostalgic today and browsed through some old photo’s that I had scanned, and found one from the early years of me in school. I think this is taken in first grade and as I can’t remember exactly, that is as close as I get when trying to figure it out. Everyone have …

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It’s cramming time!!!

Well, I sort of managed to con myself into an exam next week and so far this week I haven’t got a whole lot of studying done. Monday started with a move of the office from the E-building to the Mineral processing corridor in the F-building. Setting up the computer and the general office supplies …

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My loot

I would like to share the one loot/souvenir that I got from NY. This one I got at Toys R Us on Times Square, and when I saw it I just had to have it.

Report on the USA trip

As promised I have now almost turned the day right way up again, and no residual jetlag. My “report” on the USA trip can be found here, written in swedish. I let that speak for itself for now, and return with other tidbits of infomation later about my loot from the trip and pictures.

I’m back!!!

After close to 25 hours of traveling with the lovely people from TSA/DHS (Transport Security Administration/Department of Homeland Security), I’m back in Luleå however far from ready to kick some ass. A lengthy and full report will appear in short, and by request from my mother this will be in Swedish. To sum Orlando up …

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Oh the horror!!!

Some time since the last post, mainly due to the fact that it’s hard to get some kind of internet connection going in NY. Thursday was spent at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, which is doing some very fancy stuff. They have the largest particle accelerator today and the 5th “biggest” supercomputer in the …

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Life in New York

We landed safely although 30 minutes late, but in a 9 hour flight that’s not to much. But boy did I hate the flight. Crammed in with little to no food and water, but the most annoying things was that I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours the night before the flight. Finally here we …

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