In the land of the damned

Dark was the night as the clock struck four bells. The northern wind came rushing over the hills bending the trees with it’s will, and striking the window making it creek in an eerie matter. It was almost as nature itself tried to tell a story, that tonight all was not well. This deep in the kings country an small but trusted band of the kings men stood guard, a lone sentry stood in the high watch tower while his brethren all sat around the fire. The icy wind seemed untouched by the guards cloths, and sent a chill up the spine. This was the kind of weather that tested your will, and young boys became men.

The moonlight was clouded and all that could be seen was lit in the light of the lantern at the guards side. All around him the low rumble of the fortress created a strange calm, like the waves at the shore almost lulling once mind to sleep. A disturbance in the muffled sound came from the east like stones hitting each other. He gazed towards the east and tried to find from where this unfamiliar sound came from. The all of a sudden the sound turned violent like the roar from a wounded beast the size of a dragon, and the heavens were lit up by a flame with a strength that could only have been created by the Devil himself.

Tonight all was not well…

This is a rather long way of telling you that today my schedule for testing has been postponed indefinitely as the beneficiation plant at Malmberget experienced small fire this morning (you can read about it in the local papers), and testing can’t be scheduled until LKAB is back to full production. So I just don’t know what to do now. I can’t start anything new as I only have one week left until I leave, so it’s hard to find motivation to do at least something productive.