Insane traffic

The big debate today at lunch was who are going to be driving from central Manhattan to Brookhaven were we have a tour booked. Not that I’m worried about the drive itself, but it’s more the anticipation of driving in New York that’s the problem. Most of us have this horrid image in our minds about taxi drivers honking and yelling, your standard “out of the box” road rage drivers and so on and the general feeling about a lawless area of traffic. These “images” are probably not even close to true, but as most things, it’s not the act itself one is sacred of but the anticipated horror that’s the worst. It’ll probably be me that will drive one of the cars, and I base this on three “facts”:

  1. I’m over 25… as you have to be older than 25 not to have a huge insurance premium on the rental car.
  2. It’s not a problem for me to drive, at least we drive on the same side and not as those wacky British people on the left. Traffic is traffic…
  3. The experience. I want to say that I have driven a car in the central NY!

It’s time to hit the books once again, and read up on chemical reactions and the design of reactors.