T: -14 days

Now it’s just 14 days left until I have a prolonged bullfight with gravity above the Atlantic ocean. Although I do have a lot of work to get done, it will be nice to have almost two weeks of nothing more than enjoyment abroad. I will try to keep up the blogging during the trip and my gallery might overflow with pictures… At least I will try to post a picture or two during the trip, but the bulk of the photos will be added after the trip.

Today we postponed the data gathering test I was about to do in Malmberget, originally slated for next week, until week 14. This due to circumstances around the construction being delayed. I had this feeling almost 2 weeks ago when the first major delay happened. It’s nobody’s faul, but you have to keep hoping that against your experience that this time things will be done on schedule. Until today that hope was alive, but it was quenched with a simple phone call this morning.