Non-professional rant

I usually don’t comment on sports in any way, unless it’s so stupid that I can’t hold my peace. Having lived in Luleå for almost 9 years now, one would think that if I’m rooting for any hockey team it would be Luleå HC(unless you were rooting for another team when you moved here). I have never rooted, cheered or generally been a supporter of any team sport. Now I do have to take a stand!

The latest stupidity by LHC was reported in newspapers about the two teams in the bottom of the league, LuleåHC and Brynäs. The game ended 5-5 (a tie), and according to the commentators it was a lousy game. When talking to the Brynäs leader and players they admit that I could have been much better and, so to say, “man up” and take the blame for a bad game. What does the LuleåHC say in comment of this bad game: They blame the referee!!!

Now I have started to be a supporter of all teams in Elitserien, except for LuleåHC. I’m hoping that they finish last in the standing and have to qualify for the next year. And in the qualifications lose so they get demoted to the series bellow. This would hopefully instill some degree of normalcy for the club as they are acting like the best team in sweden, when they haven’t even been close to that for many many years.

So…. that’s what I had to rant about…. rant over.

In other news, LOVE the weather we have!!!!