WGA strike is over

The news hit the wires early this morning (local time), that the 3 month long WGA strike in the states is now over. 92,5 % of the WGA(Writers Guild Alliance) members voted to accept the proposed agreement from the studios and other interests. For us here in sweden only a few shows have aired in a pace that make them hit the “unwanted hiatus” mark of no more shows, where Bones is one of them. Other then that, we haven’t noticed anything on aired quality channels like TV3, TV6 and Kanal 5.

The agreement comes just 15 days before the Oscars, and the evil gene in me thinks that it’s a bit sad. I was actually hoping for a “non-Oscars” show this year, just for the fun of it.

On a different note, I actually surprised my tutor yesterday with a fact about the tests we are about to run in my master thesis. We want to run a machine under a certain premise, but in the calculation for how we would achieve that I found out that I was impossible due to other constraints in the feed material. All in a days work. /me a bit cocky now…