Noise reduction found

There have been this humming noise throughout my apartment for the better part of a year, and yesterday I found a nice little button that reduces that hum… The off button on my computer! You might not think that this is a new discovery for anyone, but for the last 4-5 years there has always been at least 1 computer online and humming away in my apartment. At it’s peak there were 4 computers constantly online and making my bedroom have a temperature of at least 25-26 degrees centigrade. As of yesterday I started to turn of my main home computer(Persephone) at night when I’m not using it and having it turned of during the day when I’m at work. So all those things about not being able to learn old dogs new tricks, here is one old dog that have learned a new one!

Why this sudden change? Well the main reason is that as I have Ubuntu Linux installed on my laptop, and I have started to use it more and more. I like the environment a little better then that of Windows XP, and have started to think that I maybe should convert Persephone to Linux or FreeBSD OS instead. For those lost souls that use my FTP that is located on Persephone, a new solution is in the makings(I hope).