Brain duster

A giving as a conference can be, I’m tired as hell. Not so much the hours that one sat still, but more in the line of a festering cold that won’t be cured or make an appearance so I can just lay in bed all day. Yesterday was a small haze with a lot of small items that had to be done. Mostly emails and stuff, but it still took a lot of effort.

We (the RT group) had a planned meeting with the big honcho of LTU yesterday at 09, but she didn’t show… One could think that she just didn’t find where she was supposed to meet us and so on. But no…. She was in India for something LTU related. One could wonder why her secretary didn’t give us this information as we booked this meeting in November.

On a other note: My department (chemical engineering and geosciences) has created some new promotional material. They are using the same “icecube” as the more general promotional material “Great ideas grow better bellow zero” that LTU currently are using. Instead of the LTU “L” in the cube, there is a rock, and the text that come with it is:

From Hard Rock to Heavy Metal

Yes, it’s corny as hell but somehow I really like it. It speaks to me… So in the immortal words of Daffy Duck:

I demand that you shoot me now!