Pushing it

The last week I have been pushing forward on the member management system at Ludd, under the vail of the CORTEX system. A lot of things have been finished and I have rewritten some lousy code and finished some more elegant creations. There is nothing more satisfying than creating beautiful code, code that is fast, sleak and generally mean. One thing however that I have been banging my head on is how to handle timezones. As I’m working against an LDAP directory and it wants times in UTC (a universal time zone), but that the times and dates that are generated by the system is influenced by the timezone the local computer clock is set to. This has given me a headache of massive proportions and has driven me to the brink of insanity. Total meltdown was averted however by the simple decision: Fuck it!

All in all the problem wasn’t that huge. It only a problem between 00:00 and 01:00 on July 1st, and I can have a better look at the problem in the next version. The main goal now is to have a finished application up running as a finished version 1.0 before my trip to the states.

Tuesday and Wednesday I will be attending a conference right here in Luleå, arranged by my department, on mineral processing techniques. If one would have mentioned that I would be going to a conference like that 10 years ago I would have called them crazy, but now I’m actually exited to listen to the different papers. Strange how life evolves….