February 2008 archive

No time, no time!

The departure date is closing in quickly and I have tried for some time now to get a blog post out the door, but for the last 24 hours that I have tried to make a post this has happened: And that’s what happen every time. I also like to wake up at 04:41 and …

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10 Things I Hate About Commandments


Finishing up

Having spent a major part of this weekend on the CORTEX system, it’s now finally released to a RC1(Release Candidate 1). A feature freeze is in effect, although some things have emerged that need to be worked on namely the password portion of the user handling. In allm the project is closing completion as the …

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Knight Rider.

I have got my greasy paws on a version of the new Knight Rider movie pilot, and I have to say that I absolutely love the what they have done to bring back the classic TV-show. Then starring The Hoff, now starring among others Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo and as the new voice of KITT …

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In the land of the damned

Dark was the night as the clock struck four bells. The northern wind came rushing over the hills bending the trees with it’s will, and striking the window making it creek in an eerie matter. It was almost as nature itself tried to tell a story, that tonight all was not well. This deep in …

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I’m not among you… bitch

I have done what seemed to be impossible, I have been deleted from facebook. I created an account there about 3-4 months ago just to see what it was all about. I have never been interested in any kind of social networking site in the likes of Lunarstorm etc. and now Facebook. But one should …

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Insane traffic

The big debate today at lunch was who are going to be driving from central Manhattan to Brookhaven were we have a tour booked. Not that I’m worried about the drive itself, but it’s more the anticipation of driving in New York that’s the problem. Most of us have this horrid image in our minds …

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T: -14 days

Now it’s just 14 days left until I have a prolonged bullfight with gravity above the Atlantic ocean. Although I do have a lot of work to get done, it will be nice to have almost two weeks of nothing more than enjoyment abroad. I will try to keep up the blogging during the trip …

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Brain to /dev/null

Now the weekend is over in a few hours, and it just feels like these two days disappeared. Have been writing code on my CORTEX project and it’s now just a matter of using copy and paste to get all the code in place. It’s not often that I write new code, but I guess …

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Non-professional rant

I usually don’t comment on sports in any way, unless it’s so stupid that I can’t hold my peace. Having lived in Luleå for almost 9 years now, one would think that if I’m rooting for any hockey team it would be Luleå HC(unless you were rooting for another team when you moved here). I …

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