Construction going on

If you haven’t noticed I have been doing some reconstruction of by blog, adding some new modules and trying to speed up the load times. The server this site runs on is under quite a heavy load at the moment so things are loading slowly.

The main part of the changes has been behind the scenes, where I have updated the software to use svn releases instead of the ordinary releases in zip/tar.gz format. Also some unused virtual hosts has been eliminated from the mix and a general cleanup. However soon I feel the need to reinstall this server with my new favorite BSD dialect, FreeBSD, to get some of the processing power back. This requires however that some temporary sites that I have flung at my apache installation has to be moved to their ordinary sites. One of these is the research trainee site ( which should lie directly under the main LTU site. Hopefully this will be done in a few weeks.

On the other site of the etch-a-sketch that is my mind: Todays release of the new House clearly showed that the TV-networks in the states are running out of shows, as todays episode was the Christmas episode. Series that I believe have no more episodes written are: Numb3rs, Greys Anatomy, CSI*, Boston Legal, Criminal Minds to name a few. I could however be wrong and the stations are just hoarding the episodes to manage the sweeps week coming up in February. On average I would suspect that in 1-2 months there are no more scripts that can be filmed, and if the WGA make a deal tomorrow it would probably not produce any new shows until the summer line-up. So were in for the long haul, I fear….