I have started to re:watch a series that I stopped during it’s first season, Numb3rs. I don’t remember why I didn’t like this show it’s first season, but something made me just not want to watch it. Starting with season 2 and forwards I do like the show, but they do make some strange twists and turns in the second episode. When finding a remote car key, they start to try to decode the algorithm with which the key operates on to help them find the car. I might just be wrong here, but these kind of keys ALWAYS have some kind of serial number and at most of the time the keys have a logo stamped into them. It might just be me, but would it not be simpler to just ask 3-4 dealers if they can identify the key instead of trying to decode an algorithm, send that algorithm to ALL car manufactures and then find out what car it is.  Some memories of why I stopped to watch this particular show has emerged….