The exam bandwagon

Started to pour over the text books for a re:examination next week. I finished some old things in one course a few days ago, so I’m currently one course closer to my MSc, and with the exam next week that number will hopefully be reduced by one more. After the exam I will start to write my master thesis, although I can’t think of much to write about. That will probably fix itself when I start writing, I hope….

The rhythm in which I’m awake is still totally FUBAR:ed(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, for thse not familiar with the term) and I have given up on correcting it. Better to just study when I’m awake and not spend 2-3 days trying to correct it and fix it later.

Next week it’s also time for LARV, where we RT’s are one exhibitor. It’s not often anymore that I look at something student related and think: “What the frack are they doing?”. This I did when I saw the map of the 2008 version of LARV. The map of the C-building(Academica) is so messy and there are exhibitors scattered throughout the entire building. No real floor plan and no real scene of how one will be able to move from booth to booth. It seems aimed at “We must use Academica!” thought rather then actually using good facilities for the fair. Fortunately we are stationed in the B-building where most students tend to travel, and there is more of an ordered structure.