I’m old….

You never see it coming, and try to forget it as soon as possible when the dreaded letter arrives. What’s up you might wonder? Well. I’m old enough and have had my drivers licensefor more than 10 years now, so it’s time for a renewal. MORE than 10 years. That’s about one third of my life…. 1997-12-10 I successfully completed my driving test, and got the wonderful piece of paper that allowed me to use the car without having either of my parents by my side. 1998-02-12 my official drivers license was made… and new we are 10 years later and I have to renew it. It hit me yesterday, as of 2008-02-12 (if I don’t renew it) I have no form of identification… So today is mugshot day. The technology has made it possible to just visit vägverket, and take the photo digitally and sign you name on a wacom type platter. So it’s all digital and one don’t have to pay extra for getting the required photos and returning the letter with that and my signature. And while I’m at it, a second mugshot has to be done at the police station. Not that I’m in trouble or something. No, I need a passport and this is why:

From the 4th of March until the 15th of March, I’m going abroad. And not just abroad, I’m going to another continent, USA in North America to be precise. First time in 13 years that I will outside of this country. Sure I visited Oslo in the summer 0f -06, but Norway is not exactly abroad for me. You don’t even need a passport for that. While I was doing my military service I was in Lithuania and we did have 2 days at shore, but as I didn’t leave the boat for more than guard duty I was technically not on foreign soil. This as there is a diplomatic technicality involving when a Swedish navy ship armed with live ammunition ties to a dock, the dock itself becomes swedish terretory. Like an embassy, else is that ship entered the territorial waters of another country would constitute an invasion… Not the best of things….