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Lies, damn lies and statistics

Since this blog came online on december 13th 2006(414 days ago), the following have been recorded: Visitors: 17768 Posts: 217 Comments: 64 Blocked spam comments: 1287 And the site produces about 11 GB of traffic per month.

Construction going on

If you haven’t noticed I have been doing some reconstruction of by blog, adding some new modules and trying to speed up the load times. The server this site runs on is under quite a heavy load at the moment so things are loading slowly. The main part of the changes has been behind the …

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Hopefully one down…

How come writing an exam feels both good(on the off chance that you might pass) and bad(that you missed many simple questions)? Fridays exam in casting and non-ferrous metallurgy was somewhat of a brain duster for me. It was quite some time ago that I was thinking in terms of melting temperature, solution indexes, chemical …

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Fun pictures found

Just have to share some images that I have found online. First a “cute” baby And for those working with customers on the phone And just a simple statment


I have started to re:watch a series that I stopped during it’s first season, Numb3rs. I don’t remember why I didn’t like this show it’s first season, but something made me just not want to watch it. Starting with season 2 and forwards I do like the show, but they do make some strange twists …

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The exam bandwagon

Started to pour over the text books for a re:examination next week. I finished some old things in one course a few days ago, so I’m currently one course closer to my MSc, and with the exam next week that number will hopefully be reduced by one more. After the exam I will start to …

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I’m old….

You never see it coming, and try to forget it as soon as possible when the dreaded letter arrives. What’s up you might wonder? Well. I’m old enough and have had my drivers licensefor more than 10 years now, so it’s time for a renewal. MORE than 10 years. That’s about one third of my …

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Look who’s here….

The long and somewhat missed brain has been found and is currently working rather ok. The first “real” work week has gone without a hitch, although I’m going to have to spend some time at work on sunday to catch up some small things that have been left behind. The week primarily was a fight …

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Brain still off-line

I’m not getting much done, but it’s starting to connect in parts. I do have some progress in development department of PHP. A missing library for handling partial authentication with cookies has been written, as this can’t be found anywhere else. It’s cuite frustrating to find a good library that you want to use, but …

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Sorry, I’m just a guy…..

A standard excuse we men (barely in my case), can use when we either fucked something up or did something that doesn’t agree with everyone. Quite handy actually. We need something like that. Women have both “PMS” and “Bad hair day”, how someone could blame something they did on their hair I don’t quite follow. …

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