It’s chrismas time

Soon it’s Christmas evening and Christmas day is just around the corner. It will some food, some presents (mostly chocolate and candy), bu mostly gaming. MP3: Corruption is very entertaining, and throughout the game only one bug bothers me: the load time when opening doors. Well I can survive that, because the game is so entertaining that a few pauses now and again to catch your breath is good…

Yesterday me and miss L was out on the town. Primary reason was to get a Christmas tree for me, but Luleå was all out of trees. We found one selling trees out by ICA Maxi, but he had raised his prices to 400 SEK per tree. Quite higher than the “normal” priceof 100-200 per tree. So…. no tree…. However in the days between Christmas and new year’s I will go out shopping for Christmas decorations on sale for next year. And hopefully be able to get a tree sooner than the 22nd.

No work done so far, bu come Christmas day, I do need to spend some time at work finishing stuff before they go completely cold and I forget about them. But now, it’s back to the coal mine and get another computer ready at Ludd for my abuse. This time it’s replication and syncing that’s the target.