Day off

Woke up this morning and was just fed up with work. No will to get out of bed, no urge to do something related to work so I took the day off. When having worked 10 days in a row without any break where I can do whatever I want, I decided that today I would do just that. A day just for me….

So today has consisted of two things. First I have played a lot of Metroid Prime 3, and second I have finished the documentation and installation of my development server at LUDD. As Metroid Prime is a FPS (first person shooter), the controls using the Wii remote and nunchuk was quite odd and difficult in the beginning. However I soon got a handle on them, and have to say: WOW!!! Finally a FPS that works on a console. Generally these games for consoles are a bit off, and the controls are not at good as when you use the computer with the mouse and keyboard. But the Wii remote is quick easy and just everything that you want it to be. The most difficult thing however is when you stop gaming and sit at your computer instead. You want the screen and mouse to behave like the controls in the game. Was quite miffed when my TFT didn’t rotate like in the game….

It’s been a long time since I was excited about installing a new server. Usually this is a rather straight forward process, with the same worksheet on how things are done. With FreeBSD I have had to re:learn some things, and I can say that I’m better off now. The environment is finished (almost, just mysql to install) with emacs, subversion, locked down php and some nice logging. Life just can’t get any better. Also I documented every step, just FYI so that I can redo it later on if needed to. All system has their quirks, and with FreeBSD I learned almost all of them today.

Tomorrow it’s all work(or at least half the day), to finish a program in MATLAB. Hopefully not to dangerous, and hopefully th thing don’t blow up in my face(which it usually have a tendency to do)