Work day 8

I’m back in a rotation that I promised myself that I wouldn’t be in ever again. Today is the 8th day in a row that I’m spending at work. From the year that I spent as the restaurant manager with 100-120 hour weeks, I made a promise not to work like that again. I work for the time I get paid for, and as that usually means 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday and the weekends off. I have now broken that promise. I’m a baaad man….

The good part now is that the main portion of classes and scheduled events are done, and the next thing on my schedule is more than a month away. Time to catch up on some old stuff laying around like programming, finishing Zelda(just the last castle left), some leftover assignments in old courses and so on. I feel that I have to finish Zelda within the next week or else my new game will probably take over entirely.  According to the delivery status on discshop, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is on route to my waiting Wii. Super Mario Galaxy seems to be sold out for this Christmas in most stores, at least those that have a “normal” price. I do want this game, but I’m not paying 20-30% more for the game just because it’s christmas. I’ll just wait until it’s in stock again at the normal price.

So if you are bored, swing by my office in E100(knock on the window) and I’ll “buy” you a bad tasting cup of coffee from out lovely JobMeal machines 🙂