Our lord the overmind!

Had a rather fun meeting today. It was a institutional meeting with the new principal, the head honcho,  the big cheese of LTU. There is quite something intimidating with a somewhat short woman, with white hair dressed all in back. It took only a few minutes, but I really like her. She’s one of those “no bullshit” people, who say what’s on her mind and have an ability to look beyond the next planned meeting. Quite refreshing to met one person in a high position at LTU that has this kind of view, in contrast to the whiny and complaining lectors, administrators and general “know it all’s” that exists here.  Hopefully thing will pan out as she has directed the university, because if it’s not then we are in big trouble in just a few years time.

The main ideas was a reduction in MSc programs at LTU, and a lot fewer courses. Some parts of the divisions will be downsized and a lot of energy will go into removing administrative repetitive tasks.

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and all I have left on my official schedule is a lecture tomorrow, one home assignment and one laboratory report to write and one to correct. Then that’s all for this year. I’m going to take care of some old tasks in unfinished courses and hopefully get a little bit closer to my degree.