The game is set

Starting the day at 05:30 in the morning was nicer than I thought. Although some misshaps that led me in a different direction (like when I couldn’t get past the door to the computer lab at 06:45) it was quite nice that early. It’s definitely something that I will try tomorrow.

On the flip side today was quite an success. Got almost all simulations done, and IT-S managed to the the simulation package working so that I don’t have to be sitting any more in E938. Also the fact that my work computer has double the performance than the computers in the student lab helps. Some last minutes simulations to get done by tomorrow, and hopefully I can get two, maybe three assignments done before Monday. On Monday the nice compact course of scientific writing starts, and this si something that I don’t have much time to spend on. Hopefully it will be short and not take to much time from the assignments. It’s the last two weeks before my schedule goes completely blank, and the next thing that is booked is LARV on the 23rd of January.

For this Saturday: things have been shopped, stuff has been planned and it’s game on!