I’ve been naughty…

Suddenly my Wii remote died. It has happened before during the day, and it was fixed by just extracting the batteries and inserting them again. Last time it happened, I decided to check how much was left of the batteries. THEY WERE EMPTY!!! I have in less that one week emptied the included batteries (which aren’t the best ones), and had to replace them with new ones. Maybe an idea to get rechargeable batteries for the Wii remote, as I’m far from finished with Zelda, and in the future with Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Also I unpacked all of my Christmas stuff, and laid them out on the table. It was close that I started to decorate, but that I will save for the middle of next week. Also the planning for next weekends baking is almost finished, with how much ingredients that will be needed for the entire day. It’s always somehow an insane feeling the week before, but once the day gets started…. FUN!!!!

So now I’m off in Zelda to show my “rod” to some “woman”…. (nothing at all dirty about that sentence)