Playing to much

Well I got some much needed playing done this weekend, so much that I already started to dream about new games. I pushed through Zelda so much that I’m already halfway through the game in the 20 hours that I have played that game. So planned games for purchase are the Nintendo classics: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy. Also had a look at some of the old games available to buy and boy have they added games. When reading the list I wanted almost every game on there. I have a feeling that this list isn’t going to be good for my bank account. Titles like Castelvania, Metroid, Breath Of Fire 2, Super Mario Bros, Excertbike, Ice Climber. I could go on and on…

I’m still however somewhat sick from the last week. It feels like every germ that I have collected since the last time I was sick now took their chances and infected me. So I’m battling uphill to get healthy again.

I’m like most people now just waiting for the middle of next week to start decorating for Christmas. Things have been planned and I’ve almost started early a few times, but these is something wrong with putting up Christmas decorations as early as in the middle of November. So I just wait another 12 days….