Christmas is finally here. At least my Christmas present arrived and I picked it up directly after returning from the 3 day course in group dynamics. I have already played about 4 hours of Zelda – Twilight Princess and it feels Grrreat! (no cerial pun intended).

The three day course was actually very good, or so to say better than I had expected. The entire Research Trainee group go together and we had an opportunity to talk to each other without the pressure of work glooming over us. I skipped the sauna, but there was some quite nice whiskey drinking last night in front of the fire. The only thing missing was a pipe and the picture would be complete.

Tomorrow I will continue with CORTEX (ludd user administration system), and try to get it out to an open beta test. Last weekends trial was aborted due to a faulty UPS that had decided that every morning at 5:25 all computers connected to it was to be restarted. Hopefully the running test over the week will show if we have at least one fully functional UPS. Now it’s back to some more Zelda, and that will probably be the theme for this weekend.