In the middle of the night

This week so far (two days) has been crazy. Not a moments peace and in 5 hours I’m leaving Luleå for three days to learn more about group dynamics. Like I need that after a total of 4,5 years at Kåren and one of those years as Captain. But it’s mandatory, so there I go. We are going to be at Furufjärden, about 30 km north of Luleå and as a tip from a person that was there last year, we shouldn’t bring work with us…

Yea… right.

By Friday I have to have a order ready to be sent to LKAB for the testing that I want to to in February next year. And on top of that I have work in my course that I have to get done. I will however bring a flask of whiskey as nothing says group dynamics as alcohol.

Hopefully when I get back my Wii will be waiting for me in the post office. I’m however somewhat reluctant to unpacking it as I know that both Saturday and Sunday are already booked for other tings. Worst case scenario is that I might not have time to play on it until Christmas.

Now it’s time for some sleep, the clock is set to wake me up in 2,5 hours.