Christmas is early

Well for me at least. I have now officially ordered my Christmas present for me (I’m so happy, *tu du dulliduti du du…..*). The item in question is a Nintendo Wii, and the Zelda game for that console. Hopefully this will not go overboard so that I play to much, but then again I love Zelda. I played this game a lot last christmas on my brothers Wii, and I really like the new control and how much fun it is not to have a large controller with 1245 buttons as the newer other consoles have.

Tomorrow is going to be a day spent in a car about 5-6 hours driving up to Malmberget and back for the day. Boring as hell, but the meeting I’m abut to have there could finalize my testing series for the end of january. Fingers crossed so that I can let this one item go for now, and focus on the other 100 things that have going at the moment. Started a new course yesterday, and I have to say it’s odd to be back in class taking notes on a subject that I’m not fully comfortable in. The weekend is going to be all about relaxing and some time spent at ludd pushing a beta version of the CORTEX software onto a server. Just waiting for something to horribly wrong.

Good night, I’m off to la-la land with shania twain and I dare anyone to wake me…