Here we go.

Last day of some peace and quiet at work today. Tomorrow I will start my course in fluid dynamic calculation methods and then were of to the races for the rest of November and the larger part of December.

Also I had a politically incorrect thought the other day, when reading a week old newspaper. It was only a short notice about two people who had been thrown out of a bar. So far nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the way the newspaper/reporter denoted the two persons that were thrown out. They were called man persons. What exactly is the difference between two men fighting and two man persons fighting. Are they not really men? Were they fighting in a girly way? Were they dressed in drag? Were they actually women dressed up as men? I know it’s a tough job, but someone has to ask these questions!

Another not so PC thought. A woman wearing the pink ribbon on her jacket in support of fight against breast cancer, was smoking outside a hotel in the city. Is this woman sexist? Does she only support the fight against breast cancer (which only affects women), and not lung cancer that affects both sexes? Does she think that keeping her breast is more important that keeping her lungs healthy(aka: is she that shallow)?

That is what I live with every day: my brain, going haywire! For now I’m going to relax with a movie. Just bought DOOM from for the very low price of 9 SEK, and I payed 10 SEK for the shipping. How wierd is that? Pay more for shipping, which is 10 SEK that for the movie….

Also in the upcoming event the planning for the 2nd of december will appear in a few minutes, however in swedish :D. Quick link here