Eventfull week

Well. Last week was a busy one. First of all on Thursday was a trip down to Metso in Sala for a meeting. Traveling is usually fun, but these day trips are so boring. Get up at 05 and the meeting starts at 10. Every minute in between is used for transportation. Disregarding the traveling, the meeting was quite good, and I can feel the project gaining momentum and I’m getting reports of people who are interested in my project from all over the globe. Companies in Australia, USA and machine suppliers all say that it’s time to look into this and are interested in the results. I looks and feels like I could work on this for many years to come, past all PhD thesis and articles.

The weekend was spent coding some PHP, and buy did I write a lot of code. Somehow all my projects involve user management in one way or other, so I’m getting pretty good at how the layout should be and verifying the input. A quick count over the last 5 years I have written no less than 4 major user management system that still are in use somehow. Most progress was made on sunday when I started to code at 07 in the morning and didn’t quit until 00:30. Trying to apply different code segments from different clients and securing it is a lot harder than it sounds like. Also it doesn’t help that while I code I’m constantly bug hunting and trying to get the most out of the software (performance wise that is). It’s a somewhat backwards way to code, but I like it.

This week I’m starting a course in fluid dynamic calculation methods and by Friday I’m completing a test program for the project. Friday will be spent in Malmberget with meetings and hopefully a final sign off on the things that I want to do.