Nucking futs…

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Almost two months has passed since I started this “job”, and some days it feels a little to much. I’m now geared for a course during November and December, and hopefully with that I can move into the holiday without having any backlog of work. That would be sooo nice. However this weekend I got loads of small things done like installing a power outlet on the balcony, throwing more things in the trash, a bolt here and a screw there.

Also I have watched Bill Engvall’s latest taped show 15 degrees off cool and it’s funny!!! The more I listen to him and read about this comedian, I come to realize that we are almost the same. Strange ideas pop into our heads and we vocalize them immediately, were never cool, have a slight ADD disorder. If you have the chance to either watch Bill Engvall Live or see any of his performances in either the Blue Collar Comedy Tour(and their three movies) or his stand alone shows. Take the chance!!!

Well, here is something that I have been saying the entire weekend after a wired thought during CSI: Miami. Everything that is a statment of what you are doing you add: “Miami style” afterwards, just like the legendary one-liner actor David Caruso.

So here I am, blogging, miami style!!! *WHAAOOOO!!! (CSI:Miami theme music)*