A try to make my blogging more of a steady stream of information have failed. The oldies but goldies post have seized and I’m currently thinking of new ways to spice it up.

Currently though my brain is all full of strange formulas, equations and very technical information that would probably make you all look at me a little bit like I’m stupid… however as that is a normal way to look at me I wouldn’t know the difference.

It’s been a long week with back to back classes and chasing down information, I must however profess that I have succeeded in all of my query’s. Next week will involve a day trip to Sala(location: here), with leaving Luleå at 06 and return at about 20 in the evening. Things are starting to pile up, but at the same time I have created about 5 pages of information to for my master thesis and I’m still going strong with finding new things to write about.