What do you do?

That’s a question that usually requires an answer, but today me and my classmates had a somewhat of a “we don’t know” look on our faces. Sitting in B1259 for a lesson in information gathering we were just back from a coffee break. On one computer screen there was a smudge, and it seemed like bird dropping. Continuing the lesson, because it couldn’t be a bird. then all of a sudden from a light in the ceiling there is is, a Blue Tit (blåmes) flying around inside B1259 INSIDE the library. If that isn’t just wrong, then I’m not getting out of bed tomorrow. The world has become to bizarre.

I flew around for some time, and then settled itself above the air conditioners and we never saw it again. Hopefully they will get it out before the next lecture on Friday.

On a side note, some people have asked for recipe for different cookies and other things, so I’m sharing the link to my wiki where I store all useful information for future reference, including my recipe’s. You can find it here: gilinko’s wiki (in swedish)

Also, bad programming on TV4 tonight. I just have to watch hitta hem about cat and dog rescuers and adoption…. me want a cat… but I will get over it just when the program is over.

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    • Fia on October 25, 2007 at 08:31

    You must get a kittywitty! Kittywittys are cute! Just look at mine.. =)

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