Counting error

Not that I usually don’t do test on-line, but late last night while browsing Expressen I found a simple test to see if you could name 7 specific tools that’s used in 7 different professions. Sounds rather simple doesn’t it? At least the test was rather simple. What was not simple was the result. There was 7 questions, and I know I answered correct on 5. So that’s 5/7 in correct answers right???

Not according to Expressen. According to them I got 5/6 correct, so there seems to be missing a question. I do think that Expressen needs to hire some more people who can count to 7, and round of to an even number. This as I found myself in the 5th (out of 6) column in correct answers, together with the other 14,627994955863807 % (yes, that’s 15 decimals…)that had the same amount of correct answers.  That is a very specific group of people you know, we’re thinking of making hats 🙂

However they seem to have withdrawn the test as of this morning…