The learned way to gossip

You have all heard it, and some of you are guilty of it… the phenomenon referred to as water cooler talk. This thing exists everywhere in some form, but so far at the university (LTU to be specific) I haven’t found a quite good analogy for this.

That is, until today.

Most of you who are reading this blog are aware of LTU’s (or the correct abbreviation in english: LUT) has a centralized printer/scanner/fax system, and today while walking past one busy printer ejecting papers and what-nots, there is was. The water cooler talk aka gossip about everything and anything. It was so striking that I had to rename the phenomenon at university’s to “printer talk”. You all gather around and gossip around the printer. When giving it some more though as with this newly named thing, it’s quite obvious that it would be there. Where do 3-4 people gather somewhat simultaneously that’s not in someone’s office and just wait for a few minutes while doing something that requires no interaction and concentration. The printer….

To celebrate this I’m deleting a textfile on a server that has grown to be 2,4 GB large. Forgot to rotate is so it didn’t grow out of proportion… my bad….

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    • Liza on October 20, 2007 at 11:18

    Haha!! Exactly!! Here the printer/fax/copyer is the “gossip station” as well… Out of reach for customers ears, hidden away behind a wall…
    There is no better place for a small gossip-break??

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