The one thing we hackers never do.

It a rather simple thing, reviewing code. I have often reviewed code from other projects like Horde, PEAR and gallery(the image gallery here at my site) but it takes some force to get myself to review code that I myself have written. Well today I did that thing we hackers/coders always say we will do, but never does. I have reviewed the code for 2 of my largest projects ever: RARP and CORTEX(previously LRF).

A total of 5 revisions has been submitted to my central storage and so far I haven’t got any errors. A total of 300 lines of code has been eliminated and about 4-5 unnecessary functions has been deleted. This might not seem like a lot, but as the code already is kinda compact it quite a feature. The main thing is that the “I don’t have time to fix this now” passages that was just written because they work, has almost been removed. I’m certain that there are more lurking in the background, but for now I’m satisfied.

The biggest chore was the external authentication bug hunt for RARP, as this led me many times around the globe searching for exactly what made it go bananas(technical term).

So now it’s time for a reward (some food), and then it’s back to the salt mines for more debugging and cleaning.