Recap day 2-5 and the weekend

As I have been without Internet for 4 days while in Kiruna, and then busy as a bee upon returning to “civilization” friday afternoon here is a small recap. Starting with the Kiruna/Gällivare trip.

First of all. day 2 was quite uneventfull. I made some more copies, visited the beneficiation plant in Malmberget and started to form ideas on how to best extract samples and data from these. They are the most important operation for LKAB, but at the same time they are the proverbial black hole when we talk about instrumentation. At most 2 sensors, that was somewhat working is all there is. I was quite stunned when I realized this. That afternoon it was of to Kiruna and a two day stay there with meetings and such, which was quite nice. I meth with a former classmate of mine, that haven’t taken any semesters of (like me) and she has been working now for almost three years…

The impression that I got in Malmberget about that the sampling would be difficult, went from hard to impossible when I finally saw the machines. Plan A to E was almost surrendered within an hour, so the final plan F was the only credible one. That entailed one man, in a pair of waders, a large bucket and someone with a stop watch. Somehow the safty people at LKAB thought this was a very bad idea.

Friday was “return to civilization” day and at exactly 13:00 I passed the doors to scandic hotel for some lunch. Then it was of to plan both an important meeting monday morning(today), and a friends 30th birthday bash. I had an insane idea, and somehow people thought it would be fun. And it was… A small hit at the birthday gaming bash that saturday.

And the major event on sunday was the Formula One race in China. A very entertaining race, all while S&M and MrW and  shared a breakfast together. Then came the aftermath… I was totally knocked out almost the rest of the day, and I’m still suffering with a damn cold, soar throat and a generally bad feeling. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day, and I’m a lot healthier.